Online Events: Say Goodbye to the Concept of Time

Online events give event professionals more freedom than ever before. Why? Because going online frees them from the stress and pressures imposed by time. This article is Part I of Caspian's Four Fundamentals of Thinking Virtually. Read the full article here ...

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Heather Mason

Leaders Viewpoint By Heather Mason

Caspian CEO Heather Mason is a leader in the events industry. In this article, she shares her thoughts on how this industry can survive the current crisis caused by COVID-19. Using the downfall of Kodak as an example, she shows how value to consumers will...

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Heather Mason on the Amani Experience

Caspian CEO Heather Mason sits down with Amani Roberts of The Amani Experience Podcast to talk about her approach to business, event strategy, and life in general, including managing fear and the five people who changed her life. Listen to the podcast here. ...

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