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Heather’s experience and insight will drive true take-home value at your event.

Heather Mason


An entirely self-made “girl from Idaho,” Heather grew her Caspian Agency into the elite 3% of women-owned businesses in the US with over $1 million in revenue.

She’s worked with world leaders, enterprising billionaires and the United Nations, and has earned the wisdom that comes with building a business from nothing but grit and vision. Now she’ll share it with you.

Topics include:

  • Systems-thinking for Smarter Working
  • Overprice Your Way to Success
  • Diamonds are not a girl’s best friend, delegation is

Power up your career

Luck may help people get ahead, but Heather Mason’s advice is far more reliable – and more engaging as well. A self-powered success, Heather rose through the ranks of marketing, film and event producing before stepping out on her own. Now CEO of a global agency, she shares the stories and solid advice she’s gathered along the way.

Topics include:

  • Positioning Yourself for Power
  • Getting More Respect – It’s Logical
  • Project Manage Your Career
  • Let’s Talk Money(and getting more of it)

“This is one of the best professional development sessions I have attended”

‘Position Yourself for Power’ Attendee

Public Speaking Like a Pro

The secret of public speaking isn’t just in what you say, but in what you’re doing while you say it. A frequent speaker and dynamic, accessible presenter, Heather guides you through the positions of a successful presentation.

Topics include:

  • The Posture of Powerful Speaking
  • Learn the Dance to Give a Good Speech
  • Make Your Body Your Best Prop

Event industry insider

With over two decades in the events industry trenches, Heather is a highly sought consultant, trainer and CEO of her own successful agency. Her proprietary methodology for event strategy, the Caspian 10 Essentials™, is taught internationally. Hear her inspiring stories from the field while learning how to fuel a fulfilling career.

Topics include:

  • Changing the World One Event at a Time
  • Think Like a Producer
  • Want More Money? Budget Backwards
  • Question Your Way to Boss-dom

“Heather is tireless, inventive, passionate, knowledgeable and able to articulate marketing theory in simple language.”

F. Greene, Director, Marketing & Consumer Service